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First post and introduction of me, Line

My name is Line (Maria Sørup) and I am 48 years old. I have had type 2 diabetes since 2009, so it's been a little over 14 years of many battles, both for my physical and mental health.

When I was diagnosed, I quickly managed to get off medication through diet alone and continued on the official dietary recommendations without medication and without visiting the doctor. The latter decision was due to ignorance about the progressive nature of type 2 diabetes, and when I moved to a new municipality, I didn't have a relationship with my new doctor.

In 2015, EXACTLY 6 years after my diabetes diagnosis, another diagnosis was added to the mix. I suffered a severe mental breakdown due to intense stress, which had a permanent cognitive impact on my entire system.

One year later, a friend noticed that something was seriously wrong with my health, so he took me to the doctor and my blood sugar was close to 100. What I didn't know at the time was that a blood pressure often at 180/120 triggered a strong reaction in the production of glucose (due to adrenaline and the body thinking it's in a fight), resulting in sky-high blood sugar levels. The official dietary recommendations for many years had also not helped my blood sugar.

My friend had a lot of experience with foods that helped with mental health, so he introduced me to low-carb, and in less than a month, I regained a lot of energy. At that time, I was also on insulin, and when I decided to go all-in on low-carb, I was able to reduce my insulin to 1/3 in just 4 days. (I am no longer on insulin).

Since 2017, I have actively worked to help others with type 2 diabetes gain more knowledge, support, and inspiration to cope with the diagnosis. I share the experiences I have made. I have done this as a blogger for the Diabetes Association for 5 years and as an administrator in the Facebook group "Diabetes 2 - Denmark," where I have been an administrator since 2018.

In addition, I try to show the realistic everyday life with multiple diagnoses on Instagram (hendemedtype2) and provide a lot of nerdy information, as knowledge sharing is important to me, and I believe we ALL contribute to the diabetes community.

  • 82% of people with diabetes have more than one diagnosis.

  • 30% also have a mental health diagnosis.

Life with multiple diagnoses presents many more challenges, choices, and perhaps shame than people who live and struggle with fewer challenges, and in my blogs, I will shed light on these, as well as the opportunities to create a valuable life. Additionally, I offer tips for everyday life for both diabetics and their relatives, which can be just as important in making life with diabetes easier.

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