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Who are we ? 

My Identity with Type 2 Diabetes (MyIDT2D) is an organization devoted to provide assistance in the area of mental health for the people who live with Type-2 diabetes with a special focus on stigma.


Stigma is characterized by the negative experiences associated with the disease. It can be exclusion, rejection, or guilt. The people who have the disease often have the experience of having a character flaw, a lack of personal responsibility and in some cases also a feeling of being a burden on the treatment system.


Many of these feelings are often based on the classic view of Type-2. That perception is about your lifestyle and your choices, and that gives extra negative thoughts. Today we know that there are many more possible explanations.


Our vision is: to help people achieve a Stigma-Free Type 2 Diabetes journey.

Meet Our Board of Directors

Christian Petersen

Chairman in MYIDT2D

My name is Christian Petersen, and I am a Danish citizen and a school professor. I have navigated more than 25 years with type 2 diabetes (T2D). My journey has not only shaped my own life, but has also been the foundation of my commitment to supporting and improving the conditions of others living with T2D.


With over 25 years of experience, I have been actively involved in several organizations focused on meeting the needs of people with T2D. My dedication extends from my involvement at the Steno Diabetes Center to my time at Novo Nordisk, where I have contributed to shaping the efforts against diabetes.


In 2018, I took the initiative to found the Type 2 organization that aims to bring together and support the T2D community. Through this organization I strive to create awareness, support and community for those who, like me, live with type 2 diabetes. My mission is to share knowledge, create awareness and inspire positive change in the field of diabetes.


Ulla Bjerre-Christensen. MD, PhD

Head of Education. Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen. 


Innovation in education, using research to support learning, leadership and human management are key concepts for me. Teaching and training must be fun and make a sustainable difference in the lives of individuals and society. I am a trained endocrinologist with a broad clinical background and a special interest in diabetes and education, with a PhD. in the development of type 1 diabetes and a Master's in health education. I am part of the board of the Danish Society for Medical Education I have dealt with diabetes and education for many years both nationally and internationally. As head of the education department at Steno Diabetes Center and Vice President of Novo Nordisk, I expanded, reorganized and focused the department on new ways of teaching, and expanded the department with an education company in Malaysia. Face-to-face and online teaching were used to improve the learning outcomes of doctors and nurses in training. Since 2016, I have been head of the education department at Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen (SDCC). The department now consists of more than 38 committed people. We develop training for health professionals, e.g. a new 18-month diabetes nurse training, training for psychiatric wards, hospital wards and primary care. We have developed and run the Knowledge Center for Diabetes, a knowledge portal for research-based knowledge about diabetes. We conduct research in the design and effect of educational activities and are currently building the research team


Michael Petersen

Type 2 Diabetes Patient Advocate 

My name is Michael Petersen and I live with my wife and our two children in Herlev. On a daily basis, I work hard at Top Danmark. My life has been marked by challenges such as type 2 diabetes, which I was diagnosed with in 2012, and obesity, which I have lived with all my life. These challenges have not defined me, but on the contrary have given me strength and motivation to take control of my health. Previously, I was part of DR1's TV program "U-turn," where I was trained for two years by Chris Macdonald and followed by the renowned health researcher Bente Klarlund Petersen. This journey has not only shaped my physical well-being, but has also been a source of inspiration for others facing similar challenges. I am not only a dedicated employee and family man, but also an inspiring figure who has shown that with persistence, support and commitment you can achieve positive changes in your life.


Gitte Egelund

Type 2 Diabetes Patient Advocate 

Gitte was diagnosed with T2D in June 2021 and has a daughter diagnosed with T1D in December 2019. This gave her a lot of knowledge about these diseases as the pandemic challenged her and her daughter in getting teached by the healthcare system and they had to learn as they were going. When she was diagnosed herself, she immediately turned her life around and within a few months she had gone from wanting to hide and being embarrassed to wanting to speak out loud and offer her help to other T2D’s. 

Gitte got an early retirement in 2012 after years of stress and depression but until then she absolutely loved working massive hours in IT as developer, project manager and support manager. She also has an education in reflexology from 2002 that she practiced on the side. Reflexology satisfied her interest in wanting to acquire knowledge about the human body and she still regrets that she never took the health care path.


Walther Jensen 

Deputy Chairman

Film Director and marketing specialist, Copenhagen, Denmark


I’m a Type-2 Diabetic and was diagnosed in 2014. I’ve been active as speaker and co-creator of content in diabetes related topics for Novo Nordisk and Steno Diabetes Centre in Copenhagen for the last 7 years.

I believe in dialogue between patients, scientists, manufacturers and HCP’s in order to minimize the risk of miscommunication. If we don’t find a common language, important facts will be left out and leave the patients with a lot of unanswered questions. This lack of knowledge impacts the patients lives and creates obstacles in the treatment process.

Every patient is unique and so are their stories. There is no such thing as “one size fits all”, so we must work hard to break down the boundaries and create a better understanding of the disease.


Belma Malanda, MD, MPH

Project Manager/Projects Direction at European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC - Brussels, Belgium) & Diabetes Consultant & Winner WHO NCD Lab's first cycle 2021 (Thematic area Women and Girls)

Over 15 years of successful professional experience in the development, implementation and management of global NCDs/Health projects across the globe (management positions at international level, including projects in Europe, Asia and Africa).
Areas of interest: Non communicable diseases (NCDs/Cancer/Cardiovascular diseases/Diabetes); Patient-centered approaches, Patients organizations; Clinical studiers; Health systems strengthening; Health services delivery, (Health care) organizations’ performances; International donor’s programs funding; Communities of Practice; Knowledge Management.
Strategic planning and coordination of global research projects (patient-centered approaches.
patients engagement and healthcare workforce capacity building and organization, with focus on major non-communicable diseases (cancer, diabetes, cardio-vascular diseases, CPOD).
Outstanding experience in scientific environment, in collaboration with global experts, research groups and universities.
Expert panels, technical assistance and consultancies in Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ruanda, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo, Kenya, USA, Australia...for several international agencies (WAHO, WHO), big pharma compagnies and international NGOs.
Educational background: Public Health (MPH, Health Systems Management and Policy, ITM Antwerp/Belgium, English), in Research on Health systems in Developing countries (ULB, Belgium), in the Performance Based Financing in the Health sector (Cordaid/AAP) and in Health Financing and Social Protection (2nd University of Dakar in Health Promotion, Senegal).


Robert Jørgensen

Type 2 Diabetes Patient Advocate


My name is Robert Jørgensen, a 71-year-old pensioner from Post Nord living in Copenhagen, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2009. Despite periodic use of medication, I still manage to keep the disease under control with the help of a combination of diet, exercise and occasional intake of Metformin. Over the years, I have actively participated in several diabetes-related research projects, which has given me valuable insight into the research methods and process behind them. In addition to research, I have immersed myself in studies of diabetes through professional articles, research reports and other information channels. My current lifestyle prioritizes almost daily exercise, where I alternate between cycling, running and strength training. After retirement, I have had the necessary time to devote myself to the exercise part, and this typically results in 12-15 hours of exercise per week. Inspired by my previous career, where I worked with goals and results-oriented management, I always set ambitious goals for my sporting achievements. This includes goals such as deadlifts, running distance and cycling, and when a goal is achieved, I immediately set a new and more challenging one. I also always set targets for my hemoglobin A1c level (long-term blood sugar), which the doctor measures at regular check-ups. To challenge myself in areas other than exercise, I climbed Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in January. This challenge was especially demanding since a month before the trip I sustained an overuse injury in my right heel, a heel spur, which set me back quite a bit in my hiking training. Despite this, I reached the summit and descended safely for the subsequent safari on the Serengeti plains. An experiential journey in Tanzania.


Manuel Alvarado. MBA

Associated Expert Advisor at NGOtiate


I am Multi-Cultural executive with international commercial experience in the health care industry with exceptional success in pharmaceutical and biologic products. Key achievements in P&L management, sales, marketing, product development, profitability growth, and change management. Cultivated hundreds of relationships with wide variety of stakeholders; such as: key opinion leaders, government officials and patients associations.


Clea Bruun Johansen

My name is Clea Bruun Johansen, and I am an experienced psychologist with a degree from the University of Copenhagen. I have extensive therapeutic experience and specialize in the treatment of young people, adults and families. My approach is characterized by open and welcoming communication, where your or your needs are in focus. I have obtained a Ph.D. in health psychology and have dedicated myself to research for several years. My research has particularly dealt with young adults, diabetes and the use of psychological tools. I have also authored books, including a psychological handbook on diabetes. My communication activities include digital radio on D2R about psyche and health as well as columns in Villabyerne under the heading 'The good life'. My work also includes lectures, where I share knowledge with health professionals, people with diabetes and relatives. I have extensive experience in mediation and draw on evidence-based methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology and stress research theories, depending on your individual needs. In addition, I have a growing interest in climate psychology and food psychology, and I explore how nature and diet can contribute to increased quality of life and stress reduction. I work with a wide range of areas including self-esteem, performance anxiety, stress, anxiety, parenting/family counseling, diabetes, youth and young adults, mid-life crisis, post-divorce crisis, ADHD, nature experiences for stress, and food for stress.


 Simone Lensbøl

Type 2 Diabetes Patient Advocate


My name is Simone Lensbøl, and I retired in 2018 after many years of work as a nurse at Novo Nordisk. My career has been characterized by dedication and extensive knowledge, particularly in the field of type 2 diabetes. I have been a valuable resource in the healthcare industry and have contributed significantly to my field. In 2002,


I was confronted with the diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, which further strengthened my commitment and understanding of the disease. Already as a nurse, I had a solid knowledge of type 2 diabetes, and my personal experience gave me a unique perspective on managing this challenging condition.


Even after my retirement, I continue to be a resource in the field of diabetes. I like to share my knowledge and experience to help others, and my life story is an inspiring tale of how to deal with and learn from a chronic condition like diabetes. My dedication to sharing my knowledge helps to create awareness and support in the diabetes community.

How to manage diabetes with exercise 
Christian Petersen

Do you know how to manage type 2 diabetes with exercise? And are you sneaking activity into your day when possible? We may have some tips for you. Christian Pedersen teaches Physical Education to Danish primary-school children. He has lived with type 2 diabetes for over 20 years. In this video, he shares 5 tips on how to promote health and well-being through exercise.

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