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"I am not my diagnosis..."

Updated: Feb 25

My name is Brian Ege Kristensen, I am 44 years old, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2016. It was something I had to adjust to. I have been through many surgeries and have always returned to almost the same state as before. This time, it was a chronic disease, and I once again had to deal with such a mysterious thing. I approached it the same way I did with all my surgeries: "just give me my medication, and I'll be fine, it's nothing I need to worry about again."

However, I must say that I was wrong. Nothing else I had to "deal with" has been so mysterious or affected so many aspects of my life. I am fortunate that I respond well to medication, but unfortunately, I also respond very well to the disease. Doctors and my foot therapist have told me that I should not have the complications I do based on the "numbers" from all the tests. Fortunately, they are not dismissive of my experience and the things I tell them. It is a true pleasure to speak with professionals who listen.

I am hopeful that a forum like this can help others understand their type 2 diabetes and find a community that provides the support they may need. Also, it can help destigmatize it... My f has been, and still is, that I was the worst at stigmatizing myself. All the self-blame I have subjected myself to has not been healthy. I can see today that I didn't know any better, and I set a much higher (impossible) standard for myself than I would ever impose on others.

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